Christmas 2012 Celebration in Mysore

Christmas Celebration in Mysore
Fortunately this year if you are in Mysore in the month of December, you will be able to enjoy a glittering Christmas in Mysore. This city welcomes Christmas with the same pomp with which it celebrates other festivals. Christmas and New Year celebrations have become common in many parts of the world and Mysore is not an exception. This year good news for residents of Mysore is that Karnataka tourism department will be renovating St Philomena's Church and some other tourist spots in and around the city very soon.

The bond between Christmas and cake is well remembered in this city by some reputed hotels, which organize cake mixing events to maintain the warmth of the festival. The cake mixing ceremony is an age old ceremony and people of various age groups participate in it with enthusiasm. The religious worshipping of the festival is followed at ancient churches like St. Philamena’s Church located on Ashoka Road. Other reputed churches being Saint Gregorios Orthodox church at Nazarbad. Christmas preparations start fifteen days prior to the festival when markets start showing up with Christmas trees, cakes, masks, gifts and lots of decoration material. Incredible Christmas cakes are available at Sweet palace, Dolphin and Bake point. Christmas is a festival of merry making and enjoyment. The hotels and restaurants of Mysore are on the forefront to welcome their guests on occasion of Christmas Eve. They are beautifully illuminated and decorated. Since festival time is time to attract more customers to the hotels and resorts a hoard of lucrative offers are on bargain in the city. This is the right time for the locals as well as the visitors to celebrate the festival in one of the hotels and avail those fantastic offers.

Hotels like United-21 host many interesting events to add glamour to the festive mood in Mysore. The celebrations normally gear up from the evening of Christmas Eve and continue till late night. Come with your family and friends to United-21 and add a unique sense to your Christmas celebrations amidst blinking lights, roaring music, branded drinks and a huge dance floor. The atmosphere at the hotel will make your legs shake on rhythm of music and your 2012 Christmas celebrations an occasion to be remembered.

New Year 2013 celebration in Mysore

With the advent of December 2012, Mysore is truly geared up to celebrate New Year 2013 by end of the month with a unique charm and enthusiasm. The countdown has already started. December to June being winter season weather is romantic at this destination. Markets have already started flooding with New Year Greeting cards and Gifts. The popular venues of New Year celebrations like hotels and resorts are busy in planning mega parties and events.

New Year Celebration in Mysore

Tourists eventually arriving and staying till New Year day will witness an awesome celebration of New Year in Mysore. Mysore will be shaken with the applause of crackers and the roars of people exchanging greetings of the New Year. A few days before the eve of New Year 2013 in Mysore, some of the malls and supermarkets will be open throughout night to welcome the Christmas and New Year shoppers. 

Normally Mysore observes an invigorating New Year celebration and the city comes live with New Year Parties at various locations. The venues of partying during New Year 2013 will be the hotels and resorts spread across the city. The most popular hotels of Mysore are getting booked from now itself. Hotels and resorts are making every arrangement and trying their best to cope with the large number of visitors joining the New Year party. An atmosphere of joy and entertainment is experienced and there is a festive mood in the air of the city.

Bash parties are becoming a common means of celebrating New Year in Mysore hotels. These parties provide every means of celebration from wine, delicious cuisine to the wide dance floors. Along with the youngsters many seniors as well as families join these Bash parties. Lured with lucrative offers during these parties like buy one drink get one free and many similar offers people rush to these parties and enjoy a great deal throughout the night. Hotel United-21 has a great reputation of arranging superb new years Bash parties. For the visitors of this city New Year Celebration in Mysore will be grand and memorable.

Festivals of Mysore

Mysore the cultural capital of Karnataka is the correct place to experience the charm of the festivals. The city not lagging behind in modernization still preserves the traditional ways of celebrating festivals. This offers tourists a fabulous opportunity to witness a mix of grand festive celebrations in a modern city. Among the many beautiful festival celebrations Dasara presides on the top on the list of Mysore festivals. The grandeur of festivals of Mysore can be easily felt in the air of this city. Some of the popular festivals can be listed as:

Dasara celebrations in Mysore have completed four hundred years. If you are traveling during this period you will be the luckiest person to witness the charm and the vigor of the celebrations. The prime attraction of the celebrations the Mysore palace is brilliantly illuminated for ten days of celebrations. In front of the dazzling palace religious and cultural events of Mysore in the form of dance and music are performed by experienced artists.  

As per the Kannada calendar Ugadi or the New Year is celebrated as the end of March. The preparations start much earlier with cleaning houses and decorating the entrance with magnificent colorful rangolis. Members of the families get up earlier and take a ceremonial bath and offer prayers. Special festival food is prepared to welcome the New Year. People of Mysore gather to hear the horoscope predictions about the coming year.  

Vairamudi festival
This is a totally religious festival celebrated in the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple on the fourth day of the Brahmotsava. Devotees across the country visit this temple for the festival celebrations. The deity of the temple is traditionally decorated with diamond crown brought from the Mysore palace. The area surrounding this temple is totally illuminated with beautiful lights.

Festivals of Mysore reflect religious and traditional richness and a great experience to the tourists traveling the city on these auspicious occasions. They can enjoy many attractive events in Hotel United-21 during this festive time.

Restaurants in Mysore

In every city in India, you would be treated to many delicious and varieties of dishes. Mysore is not different, as there are restaurants in Mysore that offers many kinds of various delicacies. Apart from the famous Mysore cuisine, Multi-cuisine restaurants in Mysore also offer Indian as well International Cuisines.
Our Multi-cuisine restaurant “Spices and Sauces” offers Mysore cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Chinese cuisine and more. It is a best option to relax and enjoy a stupendous meal with your family after a hard day travelling. Restaurant is not only famous with travelers but even local’s flock here to grab their lunch and dinner. Occasionally we also organize food festivities for our guest, like Dosa Fest at Spices and Sauces and Big offers at Waves Lounge bar. Since we are nearing to yet another year end, we would be having a surprise event hosted at our Hotel.
Last year we had even had Gala Lunch Buffet at our restaurant during Christmas. With delicious menu including turkey and plum cake our Restaurant was well decorated for this Christmas event. Even this year we would be coming up with events on the eve of New Year. Once everything is planned we would post it here and you would be informed way in advance. Like every year we hope to entertain our guests with prompt and good service.

Hotels and Rooms in Mysore

It’s vacation time again with Christmas and New Year around the corner. Mysore city is geared up to celebrate this events expecting tourist from all over India and abroad to spend some time with their loved ones. Hotels in Mysore are busy preparing for the event and you would be surprised with the outcome of all the preparations.

It is advisable for vacation planners to book rooms in advance as all our bookings are almost full in the first two weeks. As of now many hotels offer online booking facilities but before you book your accommodations it is advisable to check the facilities that hotels provide for the customers. As we all know Mysore is the second cleanest city in India, one of the reason people flock here to witness the beauty of this place. It is a place well connected place from the major places of India. The nearest International airport is Bangalore.
A city based on the foothills of Chamundhi, Mysore is famous for palaces, silk saris and scared temples. Some of the famous places to visit include Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Jagmohan Palace and Art Gallery, Lalit Mahal Palace, St. Philomenas Church, Datta Peetham, Mysore Zoo, Karanji Kere and Jayalakshmivilas Mansion.

There are many parks in and around and one could see that the city was well planned by the authorities. If you are planning a visit this festive season, better book your accommodations way in advance through our online booking facilities and avail all these facilities at budget rates.

Diwali festival in Mysore

Mysore city would be illuminated with decorative lights and lanterns. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali residents of Mysore would be seen decorating their houses with Rangolis, Flowers and clay Lamps. Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil.

In Karnataka, Diwali is celebrated on the day after Amavasya as Bali Padyami. It is linked with the powerful and big hearted King Balichakravarthi who was popular among his people for his generous nature. His power and arrogance proved to pose a threat to world of Gods. They asked for Lord Vishnu’s help, who in disguise of a dwarf went to the King and asked for three foot of land. The king agreed as he thought, a dwarf’s three foot wouldn’t be big enough to cause him any damage. The moment King agreed, Lord Vishnu turned in to a giant person. His two steps covered the entire Bali’s Kingdom and when he asked for the third step, King Bali offered his head and he pushed Bali to the underworld. Since then this day is celebrated as Bali Padyami. 
People celebrate the festival for three days. The first day, Naraka chaturdashi they celebrate by bursting crackers. It is followed by Lakshmi Pooja on the next day. The third day, people clean and decorate their houses, put some nice decoration on the entrance with flower. In Mysore you would be treated to many such beautiful homes where the entire house including courtyard is decorated for the festival. From the entire team of United-21 Mysore, we wish you all a Happy and prosperous Diwali 2012.

Dussehra 2012 – Vijayadashami Festival in Mysore

Dussehra festival is celebrated as a culmination of nine nights known as 'Navratri' and falls usually in September or October every year. According to legends, a Hindu Goddess named Durga, popularly known in Mysore as Chamundeshwari achieved victory over demons on this day. Vijayadashami or Dussehra festival in Mysore is celebrated for invoking Goddess Durga to begin harvest season and revitalize the soil. This is done through various religious rituals and offerings by devotees. Another popular legend tells the story from Mahabharata, when the five sons of Pandu had to hide their weapons inside a hole in Shammi tree. These were recovered by them during the day of Dussehra, and since then, people have been worshipping their weapons and Shammi trees on the occasion of Vijayadashami.

The day of Dussehra has been declared as a state festival of Karnataka and one can witness a festive atmosphere everywhere, particularly in Mysore on this occasion. Everyone in this city is gearing up for Vijayadashami 2012 which will be a grand event as usual. This occasion is also special for family members of Mysore's royal family, and they perform grand rituals every year on this day. Entire Mysore palace is illuminated using numerous electric bulbs and there are processions taken from the palace to Bannimantap. Cultural programmes are hosted by Mysore palace and participants include many famous artists and performers. 
For residents and tourists of Mysore, this day is a wonderful opportunity to witness a host of cultural performances and sports. They can also enjoy the food festival and a film festival which gets large number of visitors. People are eagerly awaiting Dussehra 2012 festivities as they would get a chance to enjoy numerous activities. They can also visit a grand exhibition which has stalls put up by various business establishments and Government departments.

Places near Mysore

Tourists coming to South India have always been fascinated with the rich culture and glorious past of Mysore. Situated close to Bangalore city in Karnataka State, this great city offers loads of entertainment for its visitors during Dasara festivities. There are many places near Mysore that are worth visiting while on trip to this cultural capital of Karnataka. Recent improvements in infrastructure facilities have provided an opportunity for visitors to visit all these important places. It also has some beautiful natural surroundings to offer for its visitors which include several lakes, apart from rivers Kabini and Kaveri.
Due to its closeness to Bangalore airport and excellent connectivity through railways and roadways, travelers can reach Mysore without any hassles. Luxurious accommodations are available in several world-class hotels situated in this region. Visiting various tourist places near Mysore can be made easy through these lodging facilities. Some of the major attractions in this city are Mysore Palace and Mysore Zoo.
Places that are situated nearby include Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills and a historical town called Srirangapatna. On touring places around Mysore using any of the available modes of transport, one can visit Keshava temple in Somnathpur and Talakad which appears much like a desert town.
Almost all travel companies provide packaged tours to Mysore which includes flight bookings and hotel accommodations. All places near Mysore and within the city can be visited as a part of these tours. Tourists traveling on tight budgets can also get customized packages that are best suited for their travel preferences. During low seasons, travelers can benefit from fabulous discounts on hotel bookings and they can also get some respite from crowds. Before planning a trip to Mysore, it would be helpful to obtain detailed list of important tourist places and some general information about various aspects of the city.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo
Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens is spread across a vast area and situated close to Mysore Palace. It has been named after Chamaraja Wadiyar, the Maharaja of Mysore during pre-independence era. Originally built by a German horticulturist, G.H. Krumbeigal, it is popularly called Mysore Zoo by visitors.

It was opened for public in 1902 and went through a series of expansions which resulted in development of an artificial lake, bandstand and an island. Zoo Authority of Karnataka has done an excellent job of maintaining the entire area and its animals. It has a good collection of animals, reptiles and birds which is a delightful treat for wildlife enthusiasts.

People who have visited zoos in other parts of India can be in for a surprise on their visit to this zoo as wildlife in Mysore has been preserved brilliantly in it. On entering this wonderful haven of animals, visitors can see Giraffes roaming around a large area surrounded by tall trees. For many individuals, they are a great pleasure to watch and can be one of the most important attractions. Along with these friendly animals, there are many more precious gifts from the wild awaiting curious visitors. African elephants and lions can be seen enjoying their time in these peaceful surroundings. This zoo also has a Rhino and Gorilla among its collection of wild animals.

There is a sizable population of reptiles and birds, much to the amazement of people visiting this beautiful sanctuary. They can enjoy watching animals in Mysore Zoo from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. It is advisable to get inside as soon as possible in the morning to avoid heavy rush of people. Ample parking space has been provided outside for people arriving in their vehicles and use of plastic bags is prohibited inside the zoo, except bottles.

Mysore Dasara Festival

Every year, Mysore awaits the grand 10-day long Dasara festival that takes place in September or October. It is also popularly known as Navrathri, which means ‘nine nights’ and tenth day is called ‘Vijaydashmi’. Celebrations of Mysore Dasara festival can be seen around the entire city with various religious and cultural events being held in front of an illuminated Mysore Palace. The Mysore Palace witnesses a private celebration of this festival with His Highness Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, current head of Wadiyar dynasty. He ascends seven steps to the throne specially prepared for this event in accordance with religious instructions and receives great respect and admiration from his people. Music is played by court musicians to commemorate assumption of power by Wadiyars.

Celebrations begin with a puja performed to glorify Goddess Chamundeshwari on top of Chamundi hills in the presence of Wadiyar royal couple. Invitees include ministers and top-ranking officials from Government of Karnataka. This is one of the major festivals in Mysore which has music and folk dance programmes arranged by State Government. Musicians and dancers from other states are also invited to participate in these cultural programmes. Many other events such as a wrestling tournament, food and film festival are also held as a part of these festivities.

A colorful procession called Jamboo Savari marks the conclusion of Dasara celebrations in Mysore. Main attraction of this procession is an idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari which is placed in a golden howdah on top of an elephant. Another important feature of Dasara in Mysore is an exhibition which begins during festivities and continues for nearly two months. Tourists can buy various articles such as clothes, glassware and food from different stalls that also highlight various departments of State Government. Kids can also have an exciting time participating in games and rides put up in a play area.

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