Mango Tango Festival at Hotel United-21 Mysore

The summer is at its peak, mercury is shooting up in Indian cities with every passing day. Everyone has started looking anxiously for the monsoons to resume. We try to get some relief from the summers by having fruits and fruit juices this season. What else can be better than to consume golden yellow mango in the summers? We at United-21, Mysore have organized a MangoTango festival for you by introducing some of the delicious mango delicacies. Grab this opportunity as the mango season is gradually getting over. The unique mango festival started on 19th May and would be concluding on July 5th. The varieties of mango delicacies available at the mango festival are Aampani, Mango Masti, Mango Heaven, Mango Sundae, Mango cheese cake, Mango Rolls, Mango Alaska and Mango Rabdi.

Let us visualize some interesting facts about mango and the delicacies prepared from mangoes. Mangoes originated in East India, Burma and Andaman Islands. Buddhist monks introduced them to Malaysia and eastern Asia. Persian traders took the fruit to the Middle East and Africa. Further from there it entered into Brazil and the West Indies. Florida and California received mango in 1850. The mango tree and especially the mango leaves are considered sacred in India.  The fruit is a having a high nutritious value bearing protective nutrients. The vitamin content depends upon the variety and maturity of the fruit. When the mango is green the amount of vitamin C is higher, as it ripens the amount of beta carotene or vitamin A increases. It helps digestion to a more extent. The mango delicacies and fresh mango juice is the best to beat the summer heat. It shows medicinal value while it is raw and also when it gets ripened into a full size fruit. The raw mango drink called Panha is very much effective and of medicinal value.

We at Hotel United-21 Mysore host a number of interesting events through out the year. The hotel offers a whole pack of services combined to provide total comfort and relaxation to you. Apart from providing food varieties and excellent accommodation facilities for you, we even offer secretarial services for businessmen. The hotels banquet serves as one of the best venues in Mysore for business meetings and events.

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