A summary on Mysore Palace history

Mysore Palace - Night View
Mysore is generally described as City of Palaces and Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas palace is the architectural pride of the city located inside the fort. Mysore palace history is deeply associated with Wodeyar dynasty. It was built by the Wodeyar kings in the fourteenth century, but demolished many times. The present palace structure was erected in 1897 and completed in 1912. Later many additions were done to the original building. It is built in Indo-Saracenic style which blends Rajput, Hindu, Muslim and Gothic architectural styles. This three storied stone building is adorned with pink marble domes and a tall beautiful five storied tower. Designed by Henry Irwin the palace has seven expansive arches and two smaller ones. Above the central arch is a beautiful sculpture of Gajalakshmi the goddess of prosperity along with her favorite elephants.

Mysore Palace - Day View
The different rooms in the palace are Ambavilasa which were used by the king. Here an elegantly carved rosewood door of the hall decorated with ivory opens into the shrine of Ganesha. The central part is decorated with gilded columns, ceilings of stained glass and chandeliers with floral motifs. Gombe Thotti or Doll’s pavilion is a gallery of nineteenth and twentieth century dolls. The Kalyana Manatapa or marriage hall is an octagon shaped pavilion with multicolored stained glasses. Great decorative paintings displaying Dasara celebrations of the past can be seen on the walls. The Mysore palace photos give us a better idea about the overall look of the structure and how it looks when it is illuminated. Some of the photos show historic paintings of the grand Dasara celebrations of the earlier days. In short photos of the palace provide us complete idea of the palace. 

Mysore Palace - Dusk View
Mysore tourism is circled around its many historic monuments and especially the Mysore palace, which is the most visited destination of south India after Taj Mahal of north India. It is nicely illuminated in the evening during weekends and other festive days using more than one lakh lamps. Ten days of Dasara festival in Mysore, is the best time to visit this wonderful destination.