Mysore travel Guide with detailed Mysore Map

Are you planning to visit Mysore the most popular tourist destination of Karnataka? If yes, then these guidelines about Mysore travel will be helpful in exploring the city during your future vacations. It is located at a distance of just one forty five km from the capital city Bangalore. It is considered as the cultural capital of the state. If you want to reach Mysore by Air then Bangalore airport is the nearest airport. From Bangalore it can be reached by road which is just three hours journey. The ride from Bangalore to Mysore is fascinating offering picturesque views. It can be approached from Bangalore and Chennai by train.

Mysore city offers a pleasant climate throughout the year if you love to be out in the rains then you can enjoy the monsoon mania of the city between the months June to October. The best time to visit this city is from October to March when the city offers romantic climate. If you are interested in witnessing the extravagant celebrations of Dussehra festival of Mysore, then you will have to reach earlier in September. The atmosphere of Mysore during this biggest festival becomes totally colorful and everyone gets immersed in the joy of celebrations. Many foreigners visit this destination to witness the grand Dussehra celebrations, accompanied with cultural shows and entertainment. Mysore palace the opulent attraction of the city is beautifully illuminated and decorated during ten days of Dussehra.

Finding hotels in Mysore is an easy task as you can select one of the best hotels of Mysore online. This city of historic monuments now has best means of accommodation ranging from cheap to star hotels and especially some hotels near palace with arrangements for business meetings and banquets. If you are interested in shopping then there is lot to buy like Mysore sandal products, Mysore silk, Mysore Eggplant and local handicraft items made out of sandalwood and rosewood. For sightseeing you have lot to explore like the palaces, ancient temples, beautiful gardens, lakes, modern amusement parks, Mysore zoo and the great monuments of Mysore. Following Mysore Map will provide more information about the city.

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