Dussehra 2012 – Vijayadashami Festival in Mysore

Dussehra festival is celebrated as a culmination of nine nights known as 'Navratri' and falls usually in September or October every year. According to legends, a Hindu Goddess named Durga, popularly known in Mysore as Chamundeshwari achieved victory over demons on this day. Vijayadashami or Dussehra festival in Mysore is celebrated for invoking Goddess Durga to begin harvest season and revitalize the soil. This is done through various religious rituals and offerings by devotees. Another popular legend tells the story from Mahabharata, when the five sons of Pandu had to hide their weapons inside a hole in Shammi tree. These were recovered by them during the day of Dussehra, and since then, people have been worshipping their weapons and Shammi trees on the occasion of Vijayadashami.

The day of Dussehra has been declared as a state festival of Karnataka and one can witness a festive atmosphere everywhere, particularly in Mysore on this occasion. Everyone in this city is gearing up for Vijayadashami 2012 which will be a grand event as usual. This occasion is also special for family members of Mysore's royal family, and they perform grand rituals every year on this day. Entire Mysore palace is illuminated using numerous electric bulbs and there are processions taken from the palace to Bannimantap. Cultural programmes are hosted by Mysore palace and participants include many famous artists and performers. 
For residents and tourists of Mysore, this day is a wonderful opportunity to witness a host of cultural performances and sports. They can also enjoy the food festival and a film festival which gets large number of visitors. People are eagerly awaiting Dussehra 2012 festivities as they would get a chance to enjoy numerous activities. They can also visit a grand exhibition which has stalls put up by various business establishments and Government departments.

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