Diwali festival in Mysore

Mysore city would be illuminated with decorative lights and lanterns. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali residents of Mysore would be seen decorating their houses with Rangolis, Flowers and clay Lamps. Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil.

In Karnataka, Diwali is celebrated on the day after Amavasya as Bali Padyami. It is linked with the powerful and big hearted King Balichakravarthi who was popular among his people for his generous nature. His power and arrogance proved to pose a threat to world of Gods. They asked for Lord Vishnu’s help, who in disguise of a dwarf went to the King and asked for three foot of land. The king agreed as he thought, a dwarf’s three foot wouldn’t be big enough to cause him any damage. The moment King agreed, Lord Vishnu turned in to a giant person. His two steps covered the entire Bali’s Kingdom and when he asked for the third step, King Bali offered his head and he pushed Bali to the underworld. Since then this day is celebrated as Bali Padyami. 
People celebrate the festival for three days. The first day, Naraka chaturdashi they celebrate by bursting crackers. It is followed by Lakshmi Pooja on the next day. The third day, people clean and decorate their houses, put some nice decoration on the entrance with flower. In Mysore you would be treated to many such beautiful homes where the entire house including courtyard is decorated for the festival. From the entire team of United-21 Mysore, we wish you all a Happy and prosperous Diwali 2012.

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