Festivals of Mysore

Mysore the cultural capital of Karnataka is the correct place to experience the charm of the festivals. The city not lagging behind in modernization still preserves the traditional ways of celebrating festivals. This offers tourists a fabulous opportunity to witness a mix of grand festive celebrations in a modern city. Among the many beautiful festival celebrations Dasara presides on the top on the list of Mysore festivals. The grandeur of festivals of Mysore can be easily felt in the air of this city. Some of the popular festivals can be listed as:

Dasara celebrations in Mysore have completed four hundred years. If you are traveling during this period you will be the luckiest person to witness the charm and the vigor of the celebrations. The prime attraction of the celebrations the Mysore palace is brilliantly illuminated for ten days of celebrations. In front of the dazzling palace religious and cultural events of Mysore in the form of dance and music are performed by experienced artists.  

As per the Kannada calendar Ugadi or the New Year is celebrated as the end of March. The preparations start much earlier with cleaning houses and decorating the entrance with magnificent colorful rangolis. Members of the families get up earlier and take a ceremonial bath and offer prayers. Special festival food is prepared to welcome the New Year. People of Mysore gather to hear the horoscope predictions about the coming year.  

Vairamudi festival
This is a totally religious festival celebrated in the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple on the fourth day of the Brahmotsava. Devotees across the country visit this temple for the festival celebrations. The deity of the temple is traditionally decorated with diamond crown brought from the Mysore palace. The area surrounding this temple is totally illuminated with beautiful lights.

Festivals of Mysore reflect religious and traditional richness and a great experience to the tourists traveling the city on these auspicious occasions. They can enjoy many attractive events in Hotel United-21 during this festive time.

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