Restaurants in Mysore

In every city in India, you would be treated to many delicious and varieties of dishes. Mysore is not different, as there are restaurants in Mysore that offers many kinds of various delicacies. Apart from the famous Mysore cuisine, Multi-cuisine restaurants in Mysore also offer Indian as well International Cuisines.
Our Multi-cuisine restaurant “Spices and Sauces” offers Mysore cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Chinese cuisine and more. It is a best option to relax and enjoy a stupendous meal with your family after a hard day travelling. Restaurant is not only famous with travelers but even local’s flock here to grab their lunch and dinner. Occasionally we also organize food festivities for our guest, like Dosa Fest at Spices and Sauces and Big offers at Waves Lounge bar. Since we are nearing to yet another year end, we would be having a surprise event hosted at our Hotel.
Last year we had even had Gala Lunch Buffet at our restaurant during Christmas. With delicious menu including turkey and plum cake our Restaurant was well decorated for this Christmas event. Even this year we would be coming up with events on the eve of New Year. Once everything is planned we would post it here and you would be informed way in advance. Like every year we hope to entertain our guests with prompt and good service.

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