New Year Bash party celebrations, reaching a height at Hotel United 21, Mysore

Have you witnessed the Bash party on New Years Eve at Hotel United 21, Mysore? I did and I enjoyed the Bash to my full capacity. Since I was alone in Mysore, away from my family, I preferred to join one of the Bash parties in Mysore on this New Years Eve. My expectations were not very high while getting the entry, but when I reached the venue I was impressed with the preparations. The atmosphere was perfect with nicely decorated blinking and dancing lights to reflect the glow of the occasion. I reached the venue late by one hour or so, around 9.00 PM when I had a mild welcome drink. The young population of Mysore gathering in large numbers reflected its interest in the New Years celebrations. The presence of young ladies and families was also noticeable. One hour later the counters started gathering momentum and the DJ’s and the music fully supporting the crowds, to make their mood to welcome the New Year 2012 with great cheers. The local crowd joined with the visiting European guests who were thrilled with the charm of the party.

Gala Lunch Buffet at Hotel United 21, Mysore, a Christmas treat to the Gastronomists

Since my transfer to Mysore before two years, we used to celebrate our Christmas in our home town Patiala, but this year there was little change in the schedule. Few of my friends had arrived from my home town to visit Mysore and the places near by. So a little deviation from the routine was made and we thought of celebrating our Christmas in Mysore itself along with my family and friends. From the few Mysore Christmas Eve parties we settled for a party at Hotel United 21, Mysore. The Gala lunch buffet at the Hotel was the key factor attracting us for the Christmas celebrations. When we entered the Hotel we noticed that excitement was building, all gathered for the Christmas treat. Everything at Hotel United 21, Mysore was set for the Christmas Eve celebrations with all the guests and the Hotel staff in high spirits. The main attraction of the Christmas Eve being, the exclusive Gala Lunch Buffet at Hotel United 21, Mysore.