Mysore Dasara Festival

Every year, Mysore awaits the grand 10-day long Dasara festival that takes place in September or October. It is also popularly known as Navrathri, which means ‘nine nights’ and tenth day is called ‘Vijaydashmi’. Celebrations of Mysore Dasara festival can be seen around the entire city with various religious and cultural events being held in front of an illuminated Mysore Palace. The Mysore Palace witnesses a private celebration of this festival with His Highness Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, current head of Wadiyar dynasty. He ascends seven steps to the throne specially prepared for this event in accordance with religious instructions and receives great respect and admiration from his people. Music is played by court musicians to commemorate assumption of power by Wadiyars.

Celebrations begin with a puja performed to glorify Goddess Chamundeshwari on top of Chamundi hills in the presence of Wadiyar royal couple. Invitees include ministers and top-ranking officials from Government of Karnataka. This is one of the major festivals in Mysore which has music and folk dance programmes arranged by State Government. Musicians and dancers from other states are also invited to participate in these cultural programmes. Many other events such as a wrestling tournament, food and film festival are also held as a part of these festivities.

A colorful procession called Jamboo Savari marks the conclusion of Dasara celebrations in Mysore. Main attraction of this procession is an idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari which is placed in a golden howdah on top of an elephant. Another important feature of Dasara in Mysore is an exhibition which begins during festivities and continues for nearly two months. Tourists can buy various articles such as clothes, glassware and food from different stalls that also highlight various departments of State Government. Kids can also have an exciting time participating in games and rides put up in a play area.

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Mysore travel Guide with detailed Mysore Map

Are you planning to visit Mysore the most popular tourist destination of Karnataka? If yes, then these guidelines about Mysore travel will be helpful in exploring the city during your future vacations. It is located at a distance of just one forty five km from the capital city Bangalore. It is considered as the cultural capital of the state. If you want to reach Mysore by Air then Bangalore airport is the nearest airport. From Bangalore it can be reached by road which is just three hours journey. The ride from Bangalore to Mysore is fascinating offering picturesque views. It can be approached from Bangalore and Chennai by train.

Mysore city offers a pleasant climate throughout the year if you love to be out in the rains then you can enjoy the monsoon mania of the city between the months June to October. The best time to visit this city is from October to March when the city offers romantic climate. If you are interested in witnessing the extravagant celebrations of Dussehra festival of Mysore, then you will have to reach earlier in September. The atmosphere of Mysore during this biggest festival becomes totally colorful and everyone gets immersed in the joy of celebrations. Many foreigners visit this destination to witness the grand Dussehra celebrations, accompanied with cultural shows and entertainment. Mysore palace the opulent attraction of the city is beautifully illuminated and decorated during ten days of Dussehra.

Finding hotels in Mysore is an easy task as you can select one of the best hotels of Mysore online. This city of historic monuments now has best means of accommodation ranging from cheap to star hotels and especially some hotels near palace with arrangements for business meetings and banquets. If you are interested in shopping then there is lot to buy like Mysore sandal products, Mysore silk, Mysore Eggplant and local handicraft items made out of sandalwood and rosewood. For sightseeing you have lot to explore like the palaces, ancient temples, beautiful gardens, lakes, modern amusement parks, Mysore zoo and the great monuments of Mysore. Following Mysore Map will provide more information about the city.

Must visit Mysore tourist Places

Visiting Mysore during your next vacations will be an altogether unique experience. This biggest city of Karnataka, popular for sandalwood and its products waits with many pleasures, wonders, and adventures for the tourists on a leisure trip. The city with great tourist potential is also popular for its places preserving heritage monuments and architectural masterpieces of the by gone era. The beautiful palaces offer a unique identity to this jewel city of Karnataka. This glamorous city has acquired many names like ‘Garden city’, ‘City of Palaces’ and ‘City of Yoga’. Further it is also well known as cultural capital of the state.

The list of Mysore tourist places being too long, we will have a glance at the more favored tourist places of Mysore. Experience the elegance of these destinations by visiting following must visit Mysore sightseeing places.

Brindavan gardens
It is not only a local attraction of Mysore but is popular on a national level for its beautiful landscapes and the incredible varieties of flowering plants. You will get mesmerized by with the large number of fountains which are adorned with colorful lighting. It is advisable to visit this garden in the evening to witness fountains dancing on the pulse of changing colors of lights.

Chamundi Hills (Chamundeshwari temple)
This hillock visible from a long distance is popular for the Chamundeshwari temple located on the top of the hill. This deity of Mysore royal family is also popular by the name ‘Mahishasura Mardini’. A huge idol of Nandi is located on the seven hundredth step of the hills. The architecture of the temple is superb with a seven storied Gopura located at the entrance.

Mysore Palace
This is an incredible most visited monument of India located at the center of the city. This three storied building has beautiful square towers at strategic points which are covered by domes. Special craftsmen from Jaipur and Agra were involved in the creation of this unforgettable piece of architecture.

Apart from these must visit places you have lots of other exotic sight seeing options in Mysore.