Mysore Jaganmohana Palace

Mysore’s tourist potential is concealed mostly in its incredible historical places and monuments. The major historical monuments of Mysore comprise of palaces built for royal families displaying examples of superb architectural marvels which refresh the memory of the by gone days. Some of these palaces are converted to palace hotels offering a royal experience to the tourists visiting them. Jaganmohana palace is one of the important historical monuments of Mysore which was built by the Wodeyar’s in 1861.

Mysore Jaganmohana Palace

This palace was built as an alternative accommodation for the royal family during the construction of the new Amba Vilas Mysore Palace. Later in 1915 it was transformed into an art gallery and renamed as Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. Presently it is the popular tourist place in Mysore. Visitors get mesmerized at the entrance door, which itself is a great collection of art and elaborate carvings made in less than seventy days. The collection of paintings at the museum is huge numbering around two thousand, exhibiting various Indian styles of paintings like Mysore, Shantiniketan and Mughal. It is honored as the largest collection of artifacts in southern India. Some of the valuable collection includes paintings by Raja Ravi Varma the great artist from Tamilnadu. He worked for the Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV in 1904.  Another incredible painting to be viewed here is that of Lady with a lamp created by the artist Haldenkar. The painting is displayed purposely in a dark room so that it offers the illusion that glow of the lamp is brightening face of the lady. Apart from the paintings there is lot more to view like the ancient musical instruments, weapons of war, antique coins and currency. A French clock with a fantastic mechanism is also one of the attractions. There are many other things to observe in this palace cum museum at Mysore. Tourist places in Mysore have their own charm and identity.

Mysore is studded with a host of tourist attractions to visit and the best time to visit is from October to March. Even rest of the year except the rainy season is best to visit this historical city offering modern comforts. We would like to suggest you to experience the glamour of staying in our Hotel United-21 in Mysore, during your Mysore visit. It is the venue where many valuable facilities and services are provided under one roof.

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