Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple

A major tourist attraction of Mysore district in the Indian state of Karnataka, this Buddhist temple gives a feeling of being in totally different world as tourists step inside it. The Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple is located in the Tibetan settlement called Bylakuppe, which is home to thousands of Tibetan refugees. It is also a major centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the region, Coorg of South India. Spread over a vast area, it comprises of many agricultural settlements or small camps. Several monasteries, temples and nunneries are also a part of it, including a large educational monastic institution called Sera.

Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple-Coorg
Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple Mysore Karnataka

The Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple comprises of three golden Buddha statues, and each of them measures about 40 feet. Named as Padmasambhava, Buddha and Amitayus, they appear marvellous to every Coorg visitor. Walls of this temple are adorned with beautiful paintings of gods and demons belonging to Tibetan Buddhist traditions. The altar is decorated with several items like candles, flowers and incense. Visitors are equally enchanted by the majestic views that surround this temple. The atmosphere is extremely peaceful, in sharp contrast to the noisy streets of South India. At the time of festivals, its main courtyard witnesses a dance of masked performers who are dressed in colourful costumes. Monasteries and temples in Bylakuppe generously welcome tourists from different parts of the world. They are even allowed to take photographs of the temple's interiors as well as its exteriors. Tourists can also get the chance to shop for some amazing Tibetan jewellery, souvenirs and handicrafts from many stores around temple area.

New Year of Tibetans is celebrated in February or March depending on the day on which it falls, and this can be a good occasion to visit Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple. Some of the other important occasions include Buddha Jayanthi in June and birthday of Dalai Lama, which is celebrated on 6th of July. Bylakuppe is located at a distance of about 50 kilometres from Mysore. People who wish to have a pleasant stay while touring this temple and many other Mysore attractions around it can book their accommodation in Mysore Hotel United-21.

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