Mysore Railway Museum

Indian Railway has undergone some changes, keeping pace with the changing times. But the old charm of it continues to fascinate tourists coming from different parts of the world, and the best place to relive those good old days is Mysore Rail Museum. This was one of the earliest railway museums to be set up in India. National Railway Museum, which is located in Delhi, was the first one to be set up in this country. When the rail museum of Mysore was established in 1979, it became the second of its kind in India. The Mysore Rail Museum is located opposite Central Food Technology and Research Institute, which is on Krishnaraja Sagar Road in Mysore city.
Mysore Tourist attractions

Mysore Railway Museum

Visitors to this place would be delighted to find a gallery that consists of paintings and photographs that depict the progress made by railways in India over these years. All sorts of mechanical parts related to engines and coaches are on display, including a hand-operated crane of 1885 and steam water pump of 1934. All the visitors who travel to this museum would also find the amazing range of locomotives dating back to the nineteenth century. The very first one at the entrance is ES 506 4-6-2 which dates back to 1922. Among the other interesting exhibits is a railcar that was used to carry inspection officials on railway track. It was originally a 1925 model Austin that was built for running on roads. A railway employee purchased this automobile from a scrap dealer and modified it, fitting rail wheels and removing the steering. This railcar is one of its kinds in the world and can still carry six people in it. 

Kids would also have an exciting time riding in a battery-operated mini-train on the grounds of this museum. Tourists can reach this place quite conveniently by taking Mysore city buses or using private transportation. People who wish to stay in the city while visiting the Mysore Rail Museum and other fabulous attractions can book an accommodation in Mysore Hotel United-21. It is located just opposite Mysore Palace and offers a comfortable stay for tourists.

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