Mysore Food

Mysore is popularly known among many tourists as the 'City of Palaces', owing to the majestic residences of kings that are found in this region. This city has now become a famous travel destination, and is visited by numerous individuals from different parts of the world. A rich culture of Mysore has many things to offer for tourists, including different forms of performing arts and a variety of mouth-watering cuisines. The idli sambar of Mysore is one particular dish that enjoys great popularity not only among tourists, but also with the locals. While the combination of idli and sambar makes for a delicious breakfast, it is also good for health.
Idali Sambar
Mysore Food-Idali Sambar

A signature dish which is greatly favoured by many people in Mysore and Bangalore is known as Bisi Bele Bath made using rice, lentils and vegetables. In the rural areas of Mysore, people relish a dish made using steam-cooked finger millet powder which is rolled into large balls. This delicacy is called Raagi Mudde and can be eaten with mutton curry or a thick broth called 'Saaru'. Another variety in Mysore dishes enjoyed by locals are the Raagi and Akki Rotis that are eaten along with chutney or readily available chutney powder mixed with vegetable oil. Tourists and locals also love to eat Masala Poori made using peas and spices. For completing a good meal, it is essential to have something sweet in the end. There are many sweet dishes that people of Mysore have after their meals, but Mysore Pak is preferred by most of them. It is a dessert prepared using clarified butter, gram flour and sugar, and was first made in the kitchen of Mysore Palace. 

Mysore Food
Mysore Food-Mysore Pak

Booking an accommodation in one of the famous hotels of Mysore would allow tourists to taste some fantastic cuisines. One of them is Mysore Hotel United-21, which is located just opposite Mysore Palace and has all the modern facilities that tourists need in order to enjoy a pleasant stay. It has a multi-cuisine restaurant called Spices and Sauces, where delicious Indian and Chinese dishes are served for guests. They can also enjoy the relaxing environment which is created inside this restaurant.

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