Mysore Happy Man Park

Many people are not aware that Mysore has several parks worth visiting, other than its usual attractions like mysore palace. These parks are spread across a vast area with plenty of greenery in them. Some parks are not that well-known among tourists; and, as a result, get lesser number of visitors. Those who are in search of some serenity or a good place for relaxation after long hours of travel can visit such parks to unwind. The Mysore Happy Man Park is one of them, which serves as a good place to hang out after a hectic travel schedule.

Mini Zoo at Happy Man Park
Mysore Happy Man Park

Happy Man Park is located at a distance of about three kilometres from the railway station. It also comprises of a mini zoo, and visitors would find many ducks and hens moving around freely in its lawns. This landscaped park's main attraction is the statue of a 'Happy Man' with pot belly, which resembles a 'Laughing Buddha'. The park opens for a while in the morning for joggers, who frequent this park to take in some fresh air. Tourists can also visit this park between 4:30 and 9:00 in the evening, and enjoy some music played in it with the help of small loudspeakers spread across the area. People of all age groups would enjoy spending some time in this park which creates an ideal environment for relaxation. They can either have a brief tour of the entire park or have their snacks while sitting in a corner.
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