New Year Celebration in Mysore

Mysore, the third-largest city of Karnataka, is often called as 'The City of Palaces'. It has served as the capital city of Kingdom of Mysore, which existed for a period of about six centuries. Today, it is striving to become a modern city, but its rich cultural heritage has been well-preserved. Every year, millions of tourists from different parts of the world, visit this historical city to explore its diverse offerings. Many of them arrive in late December to enjoy New Year celebration in Mysore with their friends or family members. This city witnesses grand parties in certain areas, mostly hosted by hotels, to welcome the New Year in style. It also gives tourists the chance to celebrate New Year along with locals.

New Year Celebration at United-21 Hotel Mysore

Every festival in Mysore is celebrated with great zest by the local population, and it is a wonderful opportunity for tourists to join them in their festivities. One great aspect about Mysore is that people belonging to different religious beliefs get involved in these celebrations. This is also true in case of New Year's Eve, which is celebrated across Mysore with amazing fireworks, lights, music and some delicious treats. Most of the hotels and resorts in the city become ideal hotspots for festivities, and tourists staying in them can be a part of these grand celebrations. They can also taste some mouth-watering cuisines that are prepared for this special occasion.

When it comes to celebrating New Year's Eve in style, Hotel United-21 of Mysore is always the favorite among most of the travellers vacationing in this city in late December. The New Year celebration in Mysore can be best experienced in this hotel, which is located just opposite Mysore Palace. It offers world-class accommodations for tourists in the form of well-furnished rooms and suites, that are fully equipped with modern facilities. Treats for all the festive occasions are arranged in its multi-cuisine restaurant called Spices and Sauces. It offers a wide range of delicacies that include local, Punjabi, Chinese and many other cuisines. Guests who wish to savour their favorite drinks, can find the right varieties in Waves Lounge Bar of this hotel.

Grand Christmas Celebration In Mysore

Mysore is the third-largest city of Karnataka state, located at a distance of about 140 kilometres from Bangalore. An interesting aspect about Mysore is that it has been successful to a great extent in keeping its traditions alive, while striving to be a modern city. It attracts plenty of tourists every year from different parts of the world, and most of them find its rich cultural heritage truly amazing. Other than its cultural offerings, there are plenty of opportunities for travellers to shop for souvenirs and mementos. The city market has been around for decades, and still stands in its original glory. The grand festivities during all the popular festivals would truly be a marvellous sight for tourists. 

Christians living in Mysore celebrate Christmas every year with great zest, as in many other countries of the world. As this world is fast becoming one global village, people from various communities also have a reason to enjoy during this festival. A Christmas celebration in Mysore features singing of carols, feasting and distribution of gifts. People begin preparations for celebrating this festival much before 25th of December. Christmas trees kept outside homes and commercial establishments  are decorated with colourful lights and small bells. All Christian families attend midnight mass on the eve of Jesus Christ's birthday, and have a great feast after it gets over. Star-shaped lanterns hung outside the homes of people are a common sight during this festival.
Christmas feast at United-21 Hotel Mysore
Christmas feast at United-21 Hotel Mysore
Tourists visiting Mysore during this festival often look out for comfortable accommodations that would make their stay in this city pleasant and memorable. Most of the resorts and hotels celebrate Christmas festival in Mysore along with their guests and staff members. Guests of such hotels and resorts get a chance to have some delicious treats that are specially offered on this occasion. For the ones who prefer air travel, nearest airport is located in Bangalore. They can use the public transport or hire a private vehicle to reach Mysore. Regular train and bus services are also available from Bangalore city to Mysore at reasonable prices, which offers the required convenience for tourists using these modes of transport.