Karanji Lake Mysore

Mysore the charming culturally rich tourist destination in Karnataka offers a mix of tourist attractions like great historic monuments, parks, zoo, churches and incredible lakes. Karanji Lake is one of the fascinating attractions of Mysore located at the foot of the Chamundi hills, which is one of the popular landmarks of the city. It is listed as one of the biggest lakes in the state of Karnataka. This splendid lake located behind Mysore zoo, is just three km away from city center which can be easily accessed by city busses plying between lake and city center.

Karanji Lake Mysore

Around hundred years back this lake was built by the Maharaja of Mysore, and till recent times it was used by the residents of the city for their personal needs like bathing and washing clothes etc. In 1976 the management of Mysore Zoo took over this huge reservoir spread on around ninety acres of land, which has a deserving 7.45 sq km of catchment area. The real excitement of the Karanji lake can be captivated by walking through the lakeside, where the visitors can listen to the sumptuous chirping of the birds. At Karanji Lake huge enclosure for birds which is referred to as India’s largest walk through Aviary, you can greet the birds from a close distance. It is an awesome experience for the bird enthusiasts, who come here from distant places. At this fascinating location you have chances to view some of the feathered beauties like pelicans, darters or painted storks. The lake shelters nearly ninety species of migratory and resident birds. The butterfly park in this complex encompasses multifold varieties of trees and bushes which attract hordes of butterflies providing mesmerizing experience to the Mysore visitors. Boating facilities and children Park at the Karanji Lake adds to the list of leisure activities to enjoy at this incredible Karanji Lake destination.   

Karanji Lake Bird  

Mysore the city of palaces attracts hordes of tourist including pilgrims, leisure tourists, and even adventure lovers to the incredible tourist places in Mysore. The ample means of accommodations at this destination add to the comfort for visitors. Experience the majesty of this place by staying at our Hotel United-21 in Mysore, located near palace and other tourist places to visit in Mysore. During your stay at Mysore, we are sure you will be brimmed up with satisfaction and comfort of this place.

Hotel Lalitha Mahal Palace Mysore

Earlier Mysore’s identity was glorified as a cultural centre of the state having lots of marvels in the form of landmarks of incredible palaces, gardens and many more. Whereas modern Mysore has many attractions varying from natural wonders to the most modern establishments like food court, multiplex Infosys and Infosys campus. It is a leading center of crafts, arts, music, and dance. The cities popularity as the city of palaces is still dominant in the minds of the visitors. The prime factor adding to the beauty of this city is the descent landscaping, majestic buildings and the boulevards lined with trees. With changing times some of the incredible palaces are turned into marvelous palace hotels which have become the pride of this destination. One such palace is Lalitha Mahal Palace.

Mysore Lalitha Mahal Palace

Among the tourist places in Mysore, Lalitha Mahal Palace is the second largest palace located near Chamundi hills which is the most strategic location as far as Mysore tourism is concerned. This palace was built by Maharaja Krishna Raja with the intention of accommodating the most honored guest of those times the Viceroy of India. This beautiful structure was designed by the most renowned architect of that era and erected in 1931 on a raised ground level. In many ways the Lalitha Mahal palace resembles the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Mysore Hotel Lalitha Mahal Palace

This marvel carved out of pure white marble and rising terrace is embellished with beautifully landscaped gardens. The interior of Lalitha Mahal is blessed with a specially built viceroy room, a dancing floor, and a banquet hall. The most attractive interior is the stair case carved out of precious Italian marble decorated in the most artistic manner. This great masterpiece of art and architecture in the form of palace was converted into a heritage hotel in the year 1974. The prime benefit of Lalitha Mahal Palace turned heritage hotel goes to the royal visitors of the city who can enjoy the comforts of royal treatment during their Mysore stay. 

Tourists visiting Mysore to experience the royal grandeur of the palaces and explore the cultural splendors have many hotels and resorts to stay which are spread across the periphery of the city. We would like to invite you to our  United-21 Hotel in Mysore for a glorifying stay and a memorable Mysore vacation.

Mysore Jaganmohana Palace

Mysore’s tourist potential is concealed mostly in its incredible historical places and monuments. The major historical monuments of Mysore comprise of palaces built for royal families displaying examples of superb architectural marvels which refresh the memory of the by gone days. Some of these palaces are converted to palace hotels offering a royal experience to the tourists visiting them. Jaganmohana palace is one of the important historical monuments of Mysore which was built by the Wodeyar’s in 1861.

Mysore Jaganmohana Palace

This palace was built as an alternative accommodation for the royal family during the construction of the new Amba Vilas Mysore Palace. Later in 1915 it was transformed into an art gallery and renamed as Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. Presently it is the popular tourist place in Mysore. Visitors get mesmerized at the entrance door, which itself is a great collection of art and elaborate carvings made in less than seventy days. The collection of paintings at the museum is huge numbering around two thousand, exhibiting various Indian styles of paintings like Mysore, Shantiniketan and Mughal. It is honored as the largest collection of artifacts in southern India. Some of the valuable collection includes paintings by Raja Ravi Varma the great artist from Tamilnadu. He worked for the Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV in 1904.  Another incredible painting to be viewed here is that of Lady with a lamp created by the artist Haldenkar. The painting is displayed purposely in a dark room so that it offers the illusion that glow of the lamp is brightening face of the lady. Apart from the paintings there is lot more to view like the ancient musical instruments, weapons of war, antique coins and currency. A French clock with a fantastic mechanism is also one of the attractions. There are many other things to observe in this palace cum museum at Mysore. Tourist places in Mysore have their own charm and identity.

Mysore is studded with a host of tourist attractions to visit and the best time to visit is from October to March. Even rest of the year except the rainy season is best to visit this historical city offering modern comforts. We would like to suggest you to experience the glamour of staying in our Hotel United-21 in Mysore, during your Mysore visit. It is the venue where many valuable facilities and services are provided under one roof.

Mysore Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion

Mysore is the jewel in the necklace of Karnataka Tourism and major attractions of Mysore tourism are spread in its historic palaces, forts, temples, monuments and the incredible parks. This city with a great historic and cultural past is popular for its best quality silk, sandalwood products, majestic buildings and fascinating handicrafts. Some of the popular attractions of Mysore which attract hordes of tourist to this place are Mysore Palace, Brindavan gardens, St. Philomena’s Chrurch, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, Mysore zoo and Chamundi hills.

jaya lakshmivilas mansion

Mysore Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion

“Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion” previously known as “First Rajkumari Mansion” is a palace which was built by Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar in the name of his eldest daughter Jayalakshammanni. This palace is tucked on a beautiful patch of land inside the boundaries of Mysore University, which was built in 1905. The palace is great example of rich architectural marvels of those days and displays extrinsic craftsmanship of the locals who built this palace. This structure is divided into three sections erected on strong columns. The interiors are superbly adorned in popular Indian style. The Kalyana mantap or the dancing hall is a square shaped pillared structure with a dome. The vast forty feet high roof is a real extravaganza of beautifully painted stained glasses. The Kalasha or the gold plated tower is the beauty of the palace. You can imagine the enormity of the palace, from the fact that its construction is done on around six acres of land. The palace is spacious having one hundred twenty five rooms, with three hundred windows and around two hundred eighty seven beautifully carved doors. An archeological and folklore museum created in the palace offers valuable collection of artifacts, folk art and craft representing the art of the region.

Mysore the great historic city of Karnataka has many wonders concealed in its boundaries. Explore these great tourist places in Mysore by visiting it between the months of April to June, which is supposed to be the best time to visit this cultural centre of Karnataka. A few days before starting for Mysore communicate with us, so that we can reserve your accommodations at our Hotel United-21 in Mysore.