St. Philomena's Church Mysore

Mysore has several attractions that serve as great examples of its rich cultural heritage. These attractions include the places of worship belonging to different religions built many years ago by kings of Mysore. Among them, the St. Philomena's Church enjoys immense popularity among the locals as well as visitors coming from distant locations. Constructed in the year 1936, this church has an awe-inspiring architecture and is among the highest Gothic churches of India. It provides a great view for visitors when it is illuminated in the evening.
highest Gothic churches of India
St. Philomena's Church-Mysore

The Maharaja of Mysore had laid the foundation stone for building this church in the year 1933. It may not be the oldest church in India in historical terms, but a church in its location was built in 1843 by Maharaja Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. Its architectural style is inspired from Cologne Cathedral, located in Cologne city of Germany. Floor of this cathedral has been built resembling a cross and it has a long congregation hall. This hall has the capacity to seat up to 800 people, and its exterior has been elegantly crafted with scenes from The Last Supper and Birth of the Christ on its stained glass windows. A crypt inside this Roman Catholic Church in Mysore houses the statue of St. Philomena, who attained martyrdom when she was 13 years old. Attractive towers or spires of this church resemble the ones of New York's St. Patrick's Church. This Mysore church conducts Holy Mass in English, Kannada and Tamil languages.

Special masses are held in the cathedral on Sundays and some of the festive occasions. On the 11th of August every year, an annual feast held in this church is attended by people in large numbers. Travellers visiting this church can also find many other Mysore tourist attractions close to it. They can also have a comfortable stay at Hotel United-21 of Mysore which is located at a distance of about two kilometres from the church. Many other places to visit in Mysore can also be accessed from location of this hotel. Its rooms are well-furnished and provided with several modern amenities, much to the pleasure of guests.