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Mysore is a cultural city, which was ruled by the royal family of Wodeyars for a long time. Traces of the princely state of Mysore can be seen even today, in the form of some majestic palaces that were built in those times. Besides these palaces, there are some other interesting attractions to explore in this city during a vacation spent in this region.

Christmas Eve 2014
Christmas Eve
Christmas is one of those times of the year, when tourists get a chance to spend their holiday in any of the fabulous destinations across the world. Mysore is among such locations, which is not only popular in India, but also enjoys great fame among tourists in many other parts of the world. Christmas is celebrated in this city with great fervour by Christians as well as members of the other communities.

While spending a memorable Christmas vacation in Mysore, you would definitely need a comfortable accommodation for yourself and your entire family. The rooms and suites in Hotel United-21, Mysore provides you with a delightful stay, as they are well-equipped with all the modern facilities. We at United-21 are committed to making your Christmas vacation truly fantastic with our excellent treats. So, book your stay with us to have a great Christmas season with your entire family.

Mysore has Several Options in Transportation

Mysore has plenty of attractions in store for its tourists, and an efficient transport system in the city makes it very convenient for them in getting to those places. The best hotels in Mysore are strategically located, giving its guests an easy access to different modes of public transportation in the city. It is connected to the national highway and state highways, and people travelling by road can get to their desired destinations in the city and around it with the help of buses, auto-rickshaws, and horse-drawn carriages.

Mysore Transportation

Those who prefer to travel by trains can reach their chosen location in the city from Mysore Railway Station. It has three lines, which connect the region to Chamarajanagar town and to Hassan and Bangalore cities. Bangalore-Mysore Junction was the first railway line in the city, commissioned in the year 1882. A project is underway to double the Bangalore-Mysore track. Upon completion, it will greatly reduce the time taken to reach this city by rail.

Airport located in Mysore provides easy access to the city for people travelling by air from Chennai and Bangalore. Air travellers from other cities of India and international travellers can get to Mysore from the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore.

A Sneak-Peak of Mysore Railway Museum

In past few years, a plethora of Railway Museums have come up in different parts of the country. The first railway museum to come up in India was Mysore Railway Museum. This museum is situated opposite the CFT Research Institute on the Krishnaaraja Sagar Road. The museum has a great collection of objects and photographs that are directly related with the development of railways in the past. Take a walk into the history of India and leave bedazzled.

Mysore Railway Museum
Railway Museum, Mysore
Another unique aspect of the museum is the Sri Ranga Pavilion that houses two royal coaches. These coaches belonged to the Mysore’s Maharaja & give you an idea about the grand fashion in which the royalty traveled. A majority of exhibits placed in this museum were once part of Mysore Palace. The first steam engine built in India is safely preserved in this Museum. This museum also features a battery-operated mini-train that takes you on a ride around the grounds of the museum. This toy train is the prime attraction among children.

There are a lot of things to do in Mysore, so you’d never get bored during the course of this trip. It’s just that you’d have to plan beforehand to keep everything sorted out.

Revisit the Magnificent History of Indian Railways in Mysore

Despite dramatic globalisation & urbanisation, Mysore simply refuses to change its ancient roots. This beauty city still surprises every visitor with an old-worldly charm. If you are under an impression that Mysore is a dull and sleepy city, then you are in for a greater surprise. Over the years, many hotels and restaurants in Mysore have come up to offer accommodation for visitors. Apart from this, sources for shopping & transportation have also changed dramatically. Mysore has many attractions that you should not miss out like the Railway Museum of Mysore.

Railway Museum in Mysore
Railway Museum in Mysore
The Railway Museum of Mysore is an appealing place for knowing and understanding the stunning journey/history of Indian Railways spanning over a period of more than 150 years. Here, stream locomotives, special purpose vehicles, telecommunication equipment, wagons, and several other things related to Railways have been kept on display. This museum is second such museum in India after the National Railways Museum in Delhi. Visitors can also two royal carriages used by erstwhile Mysore rulers. This may offer them an idea about the mode of travelling used by Royals in those years. The first steam engine built in India stands here with extremely dignity and grandeur.

Brindavan Gardens: An Ethereal Garden in the Outskirts of Mysore

Mysore, the third largest city in the Karnataka state, is popularly known as ‘the city of palaces’. Apart from beautifully constructed palaces, Mysore is also famous for various other tourist spots such as Srirangapatna, Sivasamundram Falls and Brindavan Gardens. Let’s talk about Brindavan Gardens, one of Ooty’s key attractions in detail.

Brindavan Gardens in Mysore
Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

The Brindavan Gardens, an immensely popular beauty spot, is world famous for its symmetric design. People from different parts of world visit this beautifully laid terrace garden. This captivating garden was laid out by Sir Mirza Ismail, the then Dewan of Mysore. It is interesting to note that the creators of this garden took inspiration from the Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir. The Brindavan Gardens features fountains, parterres, cascading water channels, water chutes, lush green lawns, flower beds, trees, and shrubs. This garden is world famous for its ethereal beauty, grandeur & musical fountain.

The Brindavan Gardens is an immensely popular public park. It is spread out in an area of 60 acres and laid in the three terraces. This enchanting garden is equipped with fountains that are decorated with coloured lighting. The boating pond in the centre of this garden is a location wherein the visitors get an opportunity of enjoying a boat ride. You can find some great hotels & resorts around this garden. Upon performing a detailed research, you may across some of the best hotels in Mysore in this area. Choose one of these hotels that meet your requirements.

Deepavali Celebration in Mysore is a Great Visual Delight

The people of Mysore have a special place for festivals in their hearts, and this is the reason why grand celebrations are witnessed across the city during festive occasions. One of the most fascinating sights during major festivals of this region is that of Mysore palace being decorated beautifully with bright lights. Tourists visiting Mysore in the Deepavali season are welcomed with some amazing sights when they go on a tour across this city, especially during evenings.

Diwali Celebrations

Deepavali in this part of the Indian state, Karnataka, is marked by huge celebrations that involve lighting of lamps in every household. People dress up in new clothes and enjoy different kinds of sweets that are specially prepared for the occasion. The Deepavali festival in Karnataka follows the legend of Lord Vishnu's victory over an emperor known as Bali. Firecrackers lit by people of Mysore illuminate the evening sky, which is a great visual treat for both tourists as well as locals. 

People who are in the city to spend their vacation can witness these grand festivities when they step out of their hotels in Mysore during Deepavali. This festive season would also give them an opportunity to interact with the local population and know more about their rich cultural heritage.

Immaculate Services of United-21 Mysore

Hotels in Mysore
United-21 Hotel Mysore
Mysore, also known as City of Palaces, has played a significant role in the history of South India. After all these years, this city has not lost its cultural and historical legacy. Mysore city has turned out to be a favorite tourist destination in Karnataka. Tourist from various parts of country and abroad flock in this city throughout the year and make merry. Finding accommodation in Mysore is never a problem for visitors. United-21 is a leading Mysore hotel popular for offering pinnacle level customer satisfaction.

Super Deluxe Rooms in Mysore
United-21 Hotel Mysore Deluxe Rooms

Situated at a distance of 2.4 km from the Mysore station, this multi-cuisine restaurant is a favorite among tourists visiting Mysore. Featuring high-class amenities and well-equipped features, we have all it takes to make your trip to this beautiful city a memorable experience. The hotel has rooftop garden with a seating capacity of approximately 300 individuals at once. You can host gatherings and parties at our rooftop.

Reception Lobby in Mysore
United-21 Hotel's Reception Lobby
Featuring well-equipped boardroom and multi-purpose hall, our hotel is an ideal choice for business and leisure travelers. Hotel United-21, Mysore is situated at a distance of 11 km from the Mysore airport. It also enjoys close proximity to Kupanna Park and Mysore Zoo. It consists of many Executive/Club Premier rooms, suits and deluxe rooms. Featuring stylishly designed décor, the rooms of our hotel have central air-conditioning, television, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Mysore is a City of Several Historic Attractions

Mysore is a popular city in the Karnataka state, and is also famous among many as its cultural capital. It has played an important role in shaping the history of South India. Today, it fascinates many tourists with Mysore Palace and several other attractions that reminds them of the glorious past of this city. It is located in the southern portions of Deccan Plateau at an altitude of 770 metres. Climate in this part of the world is salubrious, with cool winters and summer temperatures that never exceed 38.5 degree-Celsius. Best time to visit this city is during the period between October to March. 

Brindavan Gardens is one of the most visited places in Mysore and is located near the Krishnarajasagar Dam. Many of the tourists come to this place to enjoy its dancing fountains that are illuminated after sunset. Among the other Mysore attractions are the beautiful lakes like Karanji, Kukkaranahalli, and Lingabudi. On the outskirts of Mysore lies Chamundi Hills, which has the well-known Chamundeshwari Temple. Mysore Zoo is another major attraction worth visiting for its tourists. It has a good collection of wild animals, acquired from various countries. St. Philomena's Church is never missed by travellers of Mysore while touring the city, as it is one of the oldest churches in India.

Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore
Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore
An excellent system of local transportation offers great convenience to the tourists in getting to their desired locations in Mysore. Buses run by state government ply along fixed routes and cover all major spots in and around the city. Auto-rickshaws, horse-driven carts and private taxis are the other transport modes available for travellers. Accommodation in one of the best hotels in Mysore would not only make their stay a pleasant experience, but also give them the necessary convenience in visiting all their desired attractions in the city.

Witness Great Historical Moments at 'Mysore Palace'

Mysore is one of the most ostentatious places in India. And to learn about a 600-year old legacy, one has to visit the King Wodeyar's home – the 'Mysore Palace' in Karnataka state of South India. If you are visiting Mysore city, you just can't miss to see the 'Mysore Palace' – an architectural splendor erected by Wodeyar kings that blends in different styles and forms of architecture.

From Yoga and Ayurveda to beautiful places and historical monuments, Mysore offers every bite from the travel kiosk. When talking about monuments, the Mysore Palace, also known by the name of Amba Vilas, is one of the largest and fascinating monuments in India.

Mysore tourist attractions
Mysore Palace
It is an indo-saracenic marvel that is just over the top with its extravagant grandeur and hypnotic décor. The construction is a one-of-a-kind 3-storey stone structure with a series of square towers and its arches covered with vibrant domes. The open courtyard in the center is well presented with a longest tower that can be seen from the front at a height of about 145ft with gold-plated dome.

The main entrance is at the south gate of the palace, known as the Elephant Gate, which is beautifully adorned with floral motifs and the two-headed Eagle, the royal significance of Mysore. It will enchant you with its massive structure and intricate crafting with the use of jewels, colorful stones and paintings with a deep story.

At present, the palace is transformed into a museum, maintained by the Department of Archeology and Museums of Karnataka Government, displaying the royal jewelery, souvenirs, costumes, paintings and other valuable items belonging to the Wodeyars Dynasty. After entering in the palace, you will be completely taken by its spectacular portrait gallery, royal armory, smoothly carved doors of mahogany, solid silver, graceful chandeliers, marble statues with pin-point work done by royal artisan family, decorative stained glass ceilings and ornamental frescoes.

The palace has the largest collection of gold valuables, the famous 200-kilogram gold throne is displayed every year during the Dusshera festival, one of the important festivals of Hindus. Moreover, every Sunday night and during the Dusshera holiday season, the palace is illuminated with ninety-seven thousand bulbs that resembles light keeping the dark evils away.

Mysore Has A Lot More To Offer Than Its Palaces

Mysore is Karnataka's largest city and the erstwhile capital of its princely kingdom. Located at a distance of about 146 kilometres from Bengaluru, it never fails to charm tourists with its fascinating attractions. There are many places to visit in Mysore for tourists, and they can also explore some interesting spots close to the city. Over the years, tourism has become one of its major industries, as it gets plenty of visitors annually. Most of them come to witness the excellent architecture of its palaces and grand celebrations that take place across the city during Dasara festival.

While travelling across Mysore, tourists would come across many attractions located in different parts of the city. But there are some unusual Mysore tourist attractions that interest many people coming from distant regions. Among them is Bandipur National Park, where visitors can find a sizeable population of elephants and tigers. Biligiri Rangana Hills also make for an interesting visit for all the nature enthusiasts. Melkote, located at a distance of about 60 kilometres from the city is of great religious importance. It has two famous temples, namely the Cheluvanarayanaswamy temple and Yoganarasimhaswamy temple. Another holy place located close to Mysore city is Nanjangud, which is visited by many pilgrims every year. It has been named after Nanjundeshwara, a famous temple of this region.

Tourists visiting Mysore are always in search of comfortable accommodations during their vacation spent in this city. A popular hotel in Mysore provides rooms and suites that are tastefully designed and equipped with the latest facilities. High speed Wi-Fi connectivity, 24-hour room service, in-house express laundry and luggage room are some of the facilities provided to guests of such hotels. Dining can be a memorable experience in the multi-cuisine restaurants of these hotels. Guests can also benefit from additional services like excursions to tourist spots nearby and travel desk.

Discover the Secrets and Things to Do in Mysore

Often there are landmarks that first become the pride of a destination and eventually the identity of the destination itself. Likewise Mysore has many hotspots for tourists but there are some rules as to when you should visit them and what are the added advantages of visiting these places in that particular time.

St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore
St. Philomena’s Church
Among the places to visit in Mysore, Mysore Palace is the most popular place. If you are visiting the palace on a Sunday night or on one of the prime holidays in the city then you will be stunned by the beauty of the ancient monument as it is illuminated with innumerable lights against the backdrop of a clear night sky. This already beautiful looking building becomes a dream sight for the visitors who are awed by the brilliant and sober look of the palace. It is advisable to book a hotel near the palace and we strongly recommend that you arrive at the palace before it is illuminated because the lights come on, all at one go, and to witness the the place suddenly light up from amidst darkness is an experience to die for.

Mysore being an exclusive place for shopping you can shop more smartly so that you can get the best things at bargain prices. The government owned Cauvery Arts and Crafts emporium offering an array of handicrafts is the best place to go on a shopping rampage. Some of the exclusive and original specialties of the state such as sandalwood, rosewood, perfumes and fragrances are available here at reasonable rates. There are many other places like the Devaraja market and Indus Valley Ayurvedic center, where you can buy lots of local varieties of Mysore goodies. Like Mysore you can know interesting facts about other interesting destinations, Indian as well as worldwide, from the travel portal Travel Hot.

The Magnificent Karanji Mansion Of Mysore

Karanji Mansion of Mysore
Karanji Mansion, Mysore
Mysore is known as the 'city of palaces' among travellers as well as its local population, and one can find many architectural wonders at different places while touring this region. There are plenty of Mysore attractions that tourists can explore during their vacation in the city, but most of them find the elegantly crafted palaces much more interesting than anything else. One of these magnificent palaces is Karanji Mansion, which was built by Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar for his daughter, Krishnajammanni. Rooms of this mansion have been tastefully designed, and it also has a sprawling garden in its surroundings.

The Karanji Mansion is housed in Nazarbad Mohalla and its name is derived from the Karanji Lake, which is located very close to the structure. Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar had built mansions for his three daughters, while the sons lived in Mysore Palace. Tourists looking for some excellent places to visit in Mysore during their time spent in this region would find Karanji Mansion quite interesting. It has been built in the Indo-Sarcenic Renaissance style of architecture and comprises of stone hew balconies, cusped arches, carved stone columns and sunshades. Some of the best craftsmen of those times were employed to create this wonderful masterpiece.

Like most of the buildings in Mysore belonging to the royal family, this mansion today acts as a Postal Training Institute. Since the year 1965, Postal Department has been using this place to train its personnel and has set up a museum that gives a glimpse of India's postal history to its visitors. Tourists can visit Karanji Mansion and several other places in this city conveniently with a stay in one of the popular hotels located close to them. Most of the tourists prefer a hotel with multi-cuisine restaurant that has some of the most delicious cuisines on its menu, including some international dishes.

The Marvellous Tourist Attractions at Mysore

Mysore is one of the largest cities in Karnataka and home to many fabulous offerings that tourists could enjoy on their trip to this region. Most of the Mysore tourist attractions are palaces that were built by Wodeyar kings, when this city was the capital of their kingdom. Today, as it strives to keep its pace with the advancements of the twenty-first century, the old charm and cultural heritage of the city has been successfully retained. Travellers visiting this region would come across heritage buildings, museums, temples and gardens galore during their sight-seeing tours.

Tourist attractions in Mysore
Mysore Palace
Other than the majestic palaces of the Wodeyar kings, there are many other attractions that tourists would like to visit during their time spent in the city. All the interesting places to visit in Mysore are located at short distances from each other. Brindavan Gardens is among the most attractive places in Mysore city, well-known for its  dazzling fountains that spring to life with colourful illuminations after sunset. Another interesting tourist attraction is Mysore Zoo, which is one of the country's oldest zoos. Among the historical structures is St. Philomena's Church, one of the oldest churches in India and visited by numerous locals as well as tourists.

Famous places to visit in Mysore
While spending their vacation in this city, tourists need accommodation by way of well-furnished rooms or suites. Some of the popular hotels in Mysore offer excellent accommodations to guests and are fully equipped with modern amenities. Facilities provided in the rooms and suites are top-class and designed to provide guests with a truly pleasant stays.  LCD television, in-house laundry, high speed Wi-Fi connectivity and 24-hour room service are just some of the facilities provided in these hotels. Guests can also benefit from additional benefits such as  excursions to nearby attractions  on demand.

Mysore - Honored Once Again

Handicrafts and art of Mysore showcases the rich cultural heritage of the city which is circled around topics like yoga, silk textiles and paintings. It was developed during the era of the Rajas and Maharajas of Mysore, who motivated the artists and craftsman to create memorable creative work in variety of fields. Keeping the traditions alive on May 17 the Ganifa Bhatias miniature paintings was exhibited in Brussels. It not only bought honor to the artist but to Mysore as a whole.

Ganifa’s miniature paintings describing a few stories from the most revered legendary books Ramayana and Mahabharata was displayed on 17th May in an exhibition called “Enduring Epics” at the Museum of sacred art in Belgium. This was just after a few months when the scriptural artist G.L.N. Simha’s work was displayed at Museum of Sacred Arts in short called MOSA, which displays works of renowned artists across the world. Ganifa’s paintings was inaugurated by Ambassador of India to the European Union and Belgium. The drastic efforts of the Indian embassy had made it possible for the Indian art and artists to exhibit in some of the renowned exhibitions like MOSA.
Mysore Painting
New monument having three huge statues of Varahadeva, Narasimha and Vishnu was inaugurated before Bhatias exhibition at Brussels. This opportunity of displaying the art and architecture of Mysore in Europe came luckily, when Martin Gurvich saw his enchanting work of Ganjifa at the exhibition in Mysore. Mysore style of paintings had received good response at the sacred art exhibition. There were many other artists from Mysore whose art was displayed in Brussels.
Mysore has a treasure of artists and art styles which are traditionally passed on from one generation to the other. There are many attractions and surprises of Mysore to share, drop here to experience the artistic heritage the city preserves like Mysore silk and Mysore paintings.

Explore Mysore's Offerings With A Stay At United-21

Travellers visiting the Indian state, Karnataka, know Mysore as the 'city of palaces'. This erstwhile capital of Wodeyar dynasty takes pride in its rich cultural heritage and has plenty of exciting things for tourists to explore. United-21 is an elegant hotel in Mysore city, located close to all the popular attractions visited by plenty of tourists every year. It is also very close to a famous attraction of this region, the Mysore Palace. It offers all the modern facilities for its guests that would make their stay pleasant and memorable.
Suites in Mysore hotel
Suits Room at United-21
Rooms and suites of this hotel are beautifully furnished and have an LCD television with DTH cable connection in them. Guests can also benefit tremendously from the chargeable services like high speed Wi-Fi. A 24-hour room service and luggage room are also among the facilities provided in this hotel. Tourists of today always look for a hotel with multi-cuisine restaurant while booking their accommodation. United-21 has its very own multi-cuisine restaurant called 'Spices and Sauces' that serve mouth-watering local as well as other popular cuisines. The hotel also provides excursions to nearby tourist spots and DJ for private parties at extra costs.
Mysore Banquet Hall

Banquet facilities at United-21
International and domestic tourists travelling by air can get to this hotel from the airport without any hassles using public or private transportation. Hotel United-21 is located very close to the railway station of Mysore, which of great help for the tourists who prefer to travel by trains, in getting to the hotel. Among the facilities offered in United-21 Mysore tourists can greatly benefit from, are the taxi services and Travel Desk. Corporate events or private functions can be arranged in its Banquet facilities, which offer plenty of space for a large number of people. An attractive and user-friendly website of this hotel offers the required convenience in booking an accommodation online.

Places to Visit in Mysore

Mysore, former capital of Mysore Kingdom, is one of the largest cities of Karnataka state. Owing to its rich cultural heritage and plenty of tourist attractions, this city gets many visitors every year. There are some excellent places to visit in Mysore for travellers, including the most popular palace belonging to Wodeyar dynasty. People visiting this city would find some great varieties of silk sarees, handicrafts, artifacts, and incense sticks, which they can purchase while shopping in Mysore. A pleasant climate offers the required convenience for travellers in getting around in this city.

Brindavan garden
Brindavan Garden Mysore
 Among the most visited places other than the Mysore Palace is Brindavan Gardens. These gardens are located below Krishna Raja Sagar dam, and is extremely popular among visitors for its illumination after sunset. Chamundi Hills is another great spot for tourists to explore while on a tour of the city. It is located on the outskirts of Mysore and has an elevation of over 1,000 metres above sea level. Tourists visiting Mysore Zoo would get to witness some of the most rare species of animals that move around freely in spacious surroundings. Other than all these attractions, travellers can also visit some beautiful lakes of Mysore, such as, Karanji, Lingabudi and Kukkaranahalli. There are really good budget hotels in Mysore for people who are travelling on limited budgets. Facilities provided in such hotels would make for truly memorable stays. 

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace-Tourist Attraction
When it comes to having a comfortable accommodation while vacationing in Mysore, Hotel United-21 would be an ideal choice. The facilities provided in United-21 Mysore hotel are always desired by tourists. Rooms and suites in this hotel are well-equipped with latest amenities. Another benefit of booking an accommodation in this hotel is that its guests would have great convenience in visiting Mysore Palace, as it is located very close to it.

Sri Trinayaneshwara Swamy Temple

Sri Trinayaneshwara Swamy Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Sri Trinayaneshwara Swamy Temple
Sri Trinayaneshwara Swamy Temple

It existed before the reign of Raja Wodeyar and was renovated over a period of time by Maharajas of Mysore.

Trinayaneshwara temple in Mysore
Trinayaneshwara temple in Mysore

Trinayaneswara (the one with three eyes) as lord Shiva is considered to have a third eye on his forehead. The occasion of Maha Shivaratri witnessed long queues in front of all Shiva temples in the city, especially in the century old temples Trinayaneshwara temple

Happy Ugadi 2014

May you blessed this Ugadi. May the New Year bring you a life that is Successful, abundant, prosperous and contenting. Have a happy Ugadi! 
From United-21, Hotel in Mysore
Happy Ugadi 2014 from United-21 Hotel Mysore 

Holi Festival

Greetings For Holi From United-21 Mysore

Mysore city attracts many tourists from different regions, owing to its world-famous palaces and a rich cultural heritage. There are plenty of things to see in this city, which has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms. It has some beautifully created gardens, architectural wonders, and majestic temples, which make for a great visual delight. Except the rainy season, any time of the year is good for visiting Mysore. 

Happy Holi From United-21 Hotel, Mysore
As with many of the other parts of India, Holi is celebrated with great fervour in this city. The Holi festival in Mysore is celebrated for two days, and is an important event for all its people. On the day of 'Kamadhana', they make a bonfire of firewood, which is collected much before the event. People of Mysore prepare special dishes for the festivities of Holi. On this very special day, Hotel United-21, Mysore, wishes everyone a very Happy Holi.

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