Mysore - Honored Once Again

Handicrafts and art of Mysore showcases the rich cultural heritage of the city which is circled around topics like yoga, silk textiles and paintings. It was developed during the era of the Rajas and Maharajas of Mysore, who motivated the artists and craftsman to create memorable creative work in variety of fields. Keeping the traditions alive on May 17 the Ganifa Bhatias miniature paintings was exhibited in Brussels. It not only bought honor to the artist but to Mysore as a whole.

Ganifa’s miniature paintings describing a few stories from the most revered legendary books Ramayana and Mahabharata was displayed on 17th May in an exhibition called “Enduring Epics” at the Museum of sacred art in Belgium. This was just after a few months when the scriptural artist G.L.N. Simha’s work was displayed at Museum of Sacred Arts in short called MOSA, which displays works of renowned artists across the world. Ganifa’s paintings was inaugurated by Ambassador of India to the European Union and Belgium. The drastic efforts of the Indian embassy had made it possible for the Indian art and artists to exhibit in some of the renowned exhibitions like MOSA.
Mysore Painting
New monument having three huge statues of Varahadeva, Narasimha and Vishnu was inaugurated before Bhatias exhibition at Brussels. This opportunity of displaying the art and architecture of Mysore in Europe came luckily, when Martin Gurvich saw his enchanting work of Ganjifa at the exhibition in Mysore. Mysore style of paintings had received good response at the sacred art exhibition. There were many other artists from Mysore whose art was displayed in Brussels.
Mysore has a treasure of artists and art styles which are traditionally passed on from one generation to the other. There are many attractions and surprises of Mysore to share, drop here to experience the artistic heritage the city preserves like Mysore silk and Mysore paintings.

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