Discover the Secrets and Things to Do in Mysore

Often there are landmarks that first become the pride of a destination and eventually the identity of the destination itself. Likewise Mysore has many hotspots for tourists but there are some rules as to when you should visit them and what are the added advantages of visiting these places in that particular time.

St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore
St. Philomena’s Church
Among the places to visit in Mysore, Mysore Palace is the most popular place. If you are visiting the palace on a Sunday night or on one of the prime holidays in the city then you will be stunned by the beauty of the ancient monument as it is illuminated with innumerable lights against the backdrop of a clear night sky. This already beautiful looking building becomes a dream sight for the visitors who are awed by the brilliant and sober look of the palace. It is advisable to book a hotel near the palace and we strongly recommend that you arrive at the palace before it is illuminated because the lights come on, all at one go, and to witness the the place suddenly light up from amidst darkness is an experience to die for.

Mysore being an exclusive place for shopping you can shop more smartly so that you can get the best things at bargain prices. The government owned Cauvery Arts and Crafts emporium offering an array of handicrafts is the best place to go on a shopping rampage. Some of the exclusive and original specialties of the state such as sandalwood, rosewood, perfumes and fragrances are available here at reasonable rates. There are many other places like the Devaraja market and Indus Valley Ayurvedic center, where you can buy lots of local varieties of Mysore goodies. Like Mysore you can know interesting facts about other interesting destinations, Indian as well as worldwide, from the travel portal Travel Hot.

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