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Mysore, also known as City of Palaces, has played a significant role in the history of South India. After all these years, this city has not lost its cultural and historical legacy. Mysore city has turned out to be a favorite tourist destination in Karnataka. Tourist from various parts of country and abroad flock in this city throughout the year and make merry. Finding accommodation in Mysore is never a problem for visitors. United-21 is a leading Mysore hotel popular for offering pinnacle level customer satisfaction.

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Situated at a distance of 2.4 km from the Mysore station, this multi-cuisine restaurant is a favorite among tourists visiting Mysore. Featuring high-class amenities and well-equipped features, we have all it takes to make your trip to this beautiful city a memorable experience. The hotel has rooftop garden with a seating capacity of approximately 300 individuals at once. You can host gatherings and parties at our rooftop.

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Featuring well-equipped boardroom and multi-purpose hall, our hotel is an ideal choice for business and leisure travelers. Hotel United-21, Mysore is situated at a distance of 11 km from the Mysore airport. It also enjoys close proximity to Kupanna Park and Mysore Zoo. It consists of many Executive/Club Premier rooms, suits and deluxe rooms. Featuring stylishly designed décor, the rooms of our hotel have central air-conditioning, television, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Mysore is a City of Several Historic Attractions

Mysore is a popular city in the Karnataka state, and is also famous among many as its cultural capital. It has played an important role in shaping the history of South India. Today, it fascinates many tourists with Mysore Palace and several other attractions that reminds them of the glorious past of this city. It is located in the southern portions of Deccan Plateau at an altitude of 770 metres. Climate in this part of the world is salubrious, with cool winters and summer temperatures that never exceed 38.5 degree-Celsius. Best time to visit this city is during the period between October to March. 

Brindavan Gardens is one of the most visited places in Mysore and is located near the Krishnarajasagar Dam. Many of the tourists come to this place to enjoy its dancing fountains that are illuminated after sunset. Among the other Mysore attractions are the beautiful lakes like Karanji, Kukkaranahalli, and Lingabudi. On the outskirts of Mysore lies Chamundi Hills, which has the well-known Chamundeshwari Temple. Mysore Zoo is another major attraction worth visiting for its tourists. It has a good collection of wild animals, acquired from various countries. St. Philomena's Church is never missed by travellers of Mysore while touring the city, as it is one of the oldest churches in India.

Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore
Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore
An excellent system of local transportation offers great convenience to the tourists in getting to their desired locations in Mysore. Buses run by state government ply along fixed routes and cover all major spots in and around the city. Auto-rickshaws, horse-driven carts and private taxis are the other transport modes available for travellers. Accommodation in one of the best hotels in Mysore would not only make their stay a pleasant experience, but also give them the necessary convenience in visiting all their desired attractions in the city.

Witness Great Historical Moments at 'Mysore Palace'

Mysore is one of the most ostentatious places in India. And to learn about a 600-year old legacy, one has to visit the King Wodeyar's home – the 'Mysore Palace' in Karnataka state of South India. If you are visiting Mysore city, you just can't miss to see the 'Mysore Palace' – an architectural splendor erected by Wodeyar kings that blends in different styles and forms of architecture.

From Yoga and Ayurveda to beautiful places and historical monuments, Mysore offers every bite from the travel kiosk. When talking about monuments, the Mysore Palace, also known by the name of Amba Vilas, is one of the largest and fascinating monuments in India.

Mysore tourist attractions
Mysore Palace
It is an indo-saracenic marvel that is just over the top with its extravagant grandeur and hypnotic décor. The construction is a one-of-a-kind 3-storey stone structure with a series of square towers and its arches covered with vibrant domes. The open courtyard in the center is well presented with a longest tower that can be seen from the front at a height of about 145ft with gold-plated dome.

The main entrance is at the south gate of the palace, known as the Elephant Gate, which is beautifully adorned with floral motifs and the two-headed Eagle, the royal significance of Mysore. It will enchant you with its massive structure and intricate crafting with the use of jewels, colorful stones and paintings with a deep story.

At present, the palace is transformed into a museum, maintained by the Department of Archeology and Museums of Karnataka Government, displaying the royal jewelery, souvenirs, costumes, paintings and other valuable items belonging to the Wodeyars Dynasty. After entering in the palace, you will be completely taken by its spectacular portrait gallery, royal armory, smoothly carved doors of mahogany, solid silver, graceful chandeliers, marble statues with pin-point work done by royal artisan family, decorative stained glass ceilings and ornamental frescoes.

The palace has the largest collection of gold valuables, the famous 200-kilogram gold throne is displayed every year during the Dusshera festival, one of the important festivals of Hindus. Moreover, every Sunday night and during the Dusshera holiday season, the palace is illuminated with ninety-seven thousand bulbs that resembles light keeping the dark evils away.