A Sneak-Peak of Mysore Railway Museum

In past few years, a plethora of Railway Museums have come up in different parts of the country. The first railway museum to come up in India was Mysore Railway Museum. This museum is situated opposite the CFT Research Institute on the Krishnaaraja Sagar Road. The museum has a great collection of objects and photographs that are directly related with the development of railways in the past. Take a walk into the history of India and leave bedazzled.

Mysore Railway Museum
Railway Museum, Mysore
Another unique aspect of the museum is the Sri Ranga Pavilion that houses two royal coaches. These coaches belonged to the Mysore’s Maharaja & give you an idea about the grand fashion in which the royalty traveled. A majority of exhibits placed in this museum were once part of Mysore Palace. The first steam engine built in India is safely preserved in this Museum. This museum also features a battery-operated mini-train that takes you on a ride around the grounds of the museum. This toy train is the prime attraction among children.

There are a lot of things to do in Mysore, so you’d never get bored during the course of this trip. It’s just that you’d have to plan beforehand to keep everything sorted out.

Revisit the Magnificent History of Indian Railways in Mysore

Despite dramatic globalisation & urbanisation, Mysore simply refuses to change its ancient roots. This beauty city still surprises every visitor with an old-worldly charm. If you are under an impression that Mysore is a dull and sleepy city, then you are in for a greater surprise. Over the years, many hotels and restaurants in Mysore have come up to offer accommodation for visitors. Apart from this, sources for shopping & transportation have also changed dramatically. Mysore has many attractions that you should not miss out like the Railway Museum of Mysore.

Railway Museum in Mysore
Railway Museum in Mysore
The Railway Museum of Mysore is an appealing place for knowing and understanding the stunning journey/history of Indian Railways spanning over a period of more than 150 years. Here, stream locomotives, special purpose vehicles, telecommunication equipment, wagons, and several other things related to Railways have been kept on display. This museum is second such museum in India after the National Railways Museum in Delhi. Visitors can also two royal carriages used by erstwhile Mysore rulers. This may offer them an idea about the mode of travelling used by Royals in those years. The first steam engine built in India stands here with extremely dignity and grandeur.