Shop for the Exquisite Silk Sarees While Touring Mysore

Mysore is known as the 'cultural capital of South Karnataka' owing to its numerous offerings in art and culture for visitors. The city is located at a distance of about 140 kilometres from Bangalore, and was a capital of the Kingdom of Mysore until 1947. Besides the elegant historical palaces, the city is also known for its unique style of painting and a garment worn by many of the South Indian women, called the Mysore Silk Saree.

Silk Sarees in Mysore
Mysore Silk Sarees
History of Mysore silk industry dates back to the times when the entire region was ruled by Tipu Sultan. This industry dominated the world of silk fabrics for many years. It has managed to stay afloat despite the recent global recession and intense competition from other silk producers across the world. Today, Mysore is the largest producer of silk in India and much of the credit goes to the master craftsmen who produce the exquisite silk sarees.

Tourists visiting Mysore always look forward to buy some silk sarees that are locally produced. Having a comfortable accommodation in any of the hotels in Mysore would not only enable them to enjoy a memorable stay, but also give them the convenience to visit the best showrooms and shop for the silk sarees.

Relish your Trip Through Mysore Attractions

Mysore, also known as Mysuru, is the third largest city in the Karnataka state. You can have loads of fun on your trip to this city provided you research beforehand about accommodation in Mysore. Make the trip a memorable experience by visiting the below mentioned Mysore attractions.

Karanji Lake: Situated at the foot of the famous Chamundi Hills, Karanji Lake was constructed by King of Mysore. This 90-acre water body is amongst the biggest lakes in the Karnataka state. This lake flows behind Mysore Zoo, so it receives visitors from different parts of India in abundance.  This lake is home to many migratory birds. Apart from migratory bird species, you can spot over 90 resident bird species. There is an enchanting part around this lake.  The park is having a gigantic enclosure for birds and it is undoubtedly the largest parks in the country.

Karanji Lake
Karanji Lake, Mysore
Chamundi Hills: Situated approximately 1065 meters from the sea level. The Chamundeshwari temple on top of the hill belongs to eleventh century. This temple was later renovated in the year 1827. The speciality of the 5-meter statue is that it was made out of a single rock in the year 1659.  In order to reach this temple, you would have to climb 1000 steps.