Mysore Tourist Places

Mysore is most popular for its vibrant ten days Dassara festival celebrations in the month of September or October. The reflection of the glorious Dassara celebrations can be witnessed at Mysore palace, the prime attraction of Mysore tourism. Other fascinating attractions of this destination include Mysore Zoo, Brindavan Gardens, Jaganmohan palace and the railway museum. The major Mysore tourist places are

Mysore palace - Visit Mysore Palace in the month of September when it dazzles in complete glory of the incredible illumination done in order to celebrate the most favorite festival of the state called Dassara. One lakh bulbs brightening the palace and its surroundings offers an incredible brilliance to the palace between seven to ten pm. Mysore palace is located in the center of the city. It is renowned as one of the largest and most visited historical place in India.

Chamundi Hills – Standing at any point in the city, these hills are visible from a long distance. The importance of these hills located at thirteen km from Mysore is doubled by the existence of Chamundeshwari temple located on the hilltop. This honorable deity of the royal family commonly known as Mahishasura Mardini is present in the form of an idol having a garland of skulls.

Brindavan Gardens – Basically a botanical garden, it entertains the tourists with its dancing musical fountains and the boat rides. It’s the best example of well planned and beautifully landscaped park. The beauty of this garden allures many filmmakers to shoot a few scenes and the tourists are more interested in viewing the dancing fountains. Great variety of flora can be seen inside the garden.

St.Philomena's Church – This largest Church of India was built by taking inspiration from Germany's Cologne Cathedral and is a unique landmark of the city. The huge twin pinnacles around one hundred seventy five feet in height are visible from a long distance. This cathedral is the best example of neo-Gothic style of architecture. The hall of the Church can accommodate around eight hundred people at a time.

Lalitha Mahal Palace – This palace located little outside Mysore city is a most fascinating structure carved out of Ittalian marble with double columns and a beautiful dome adding to its beauty. It is surrounded by elegant handsomely landscaped gardens. The palace was originally built to welcome the Viceroy of India and now it is transformed into a palace hotel welcoming tourists for a luxurious stay in Mysore.

Karanji Lake - Located at bottom of the Chamundi hills near Mysore Zoo, this lake covers a vast area of ninety acres and is renowned as one of the biggest in Karnataka. Here you can view a large variety of flora, fauna and distinct bird life from around ninety species of local and migratory birds. Strolling through the lake side offers an immense cheering experience. The butterfly Park, boating facilities and children’s park are the added attractions of the Lake.

These are only a few attractions of Mysore you will be immersed totally in the pleasures of this destination whenever you visit this religious and cultural abode. Whenever you are thinking of visiting these fascinating Mysore tourist places give us a ring and we will guide you to make your Mysore holidays a dream experience. Prefer a stay at our Hotel United-21 in Mysore and transform your vacations into an amazing experience to share with your peers.

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