Shopping in Mysore

Indian state of Karnataka invites you to Mysore the astounding hill station of South India based at the base of the Chamundi hills. This jubilant city is recognized as the second largest city of Karnataka and is on the forefront of tourism in the region. The city preserves great heritage of the Wodeyar’s, Hyder Ali, and Tipu sultan. During the reign of the Wodeyars Mysore prospered in respects of art, architecture and the cultural growth of the city. This cultural richness of the city offered it the reputation of cultural capital of the state. The state popular for its exquisite treasure of palaces, is also praised for its abundant availability of silk, agarbathies, extra ordinary paintings and its beautiful stone carvings. 

Shopping is the most intrinsic activity in this cultural city bestowed with treasures of specialties like silk and Sandalwood products. Karnataka has a major share in the total silk production of the country, whereas Mysore alone contributes to around seventy percent of the total production of this state. The quality of the Mulberry silk produced in Mysore is the best making it popular among the feminine world of not only South but through out India. Silk saris are mostly worn during some of the auspicious and religious occasions. Best quality silk can be purchased from the government emporium as well as the reputed shops at Devraj urs road and KR circle. Mysore has dense jungles in its vicinity which comprise large number of sandal wood trees. It is used in making sandalwood oil, soap, paste and carvings. Mysore sandalwood agarbathies or incense sticks are also a precious product to be purchased along with other products during your Mysore visit.  The government run "Kaveri Emporium" located on Sayyaji rao road provides genuine sandalwood, rosewood and wooden carvings to the tourists.

Only a few people are aware of the fact that the city is popular for intrinsic stone carvings and oil and water based paintings. Ganifa is the branch of traditional Mysore paintings promoting artistic paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses. These paintings along with other beautiful works of handicrafts are available at the Government Handicraft emporium in Mysore. They are taken as the best souvenirs of the region. In order to buy many Mysore shopping specialties in a single place, Mysore city market is the best which still preserves its original grandeur. This huge area is divided into different convenient sections. During the festival seasons this place is full of colorful crowds.   

Whenever you visit Mysore keep a flexible shopping budget, so that you will be able to buy some of the extrinsic quality products in the city. In order to enjoy the warmth of the city in the form of its exclusive tourist places and to enjoy an enticing shopping experience leave your accommodation arrangements to us. We will make perfect arrangements of your accommodation at our renowned Mysore Hotel United-21. The hotel provides every comfort and a stupendous stay in the city of palaces, where you can go on an incredible shopping spree.

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